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V.M Daniel Professor of Information,
Professor of Psychology, Professor of Information, Risk & Operations Management
School of Information

Ph.D. Loughborough University of Technology
B.A., M.A. (First Class) University College Cork

What's new?

After holding the Follett Chair at Dominican University for 2017-1018, I am now resuming life as a professor here at the iSchool, and will be teaching Understanding Users this fall.

I have chapters on design and education in two recent books, D. Sonnewald's Theory Development in the Information Sciences, and Black, Luna,Lund and Walker's Information Design:Research and Practice, and I have been stimulated by the response to my 'What it means to be an iSchool' paper sufficiently to think there needs to be more work here. More for the agenda. A new book on the role of information in human and social progress is in the works.

e-Copies are now available of the majority of my writings since 1988 on this site - just click on publications link above. Read my InfoMatters blog to get some of my latest words on all matters information-related.

Since I get asked for this one a lot, you can find my overview of why information matters here. My White Paper for CLIR on the future of academic libraries makes a case for information as a discovery accelerator. It's older now but the ideas still relevant, just visit any university library to see why.

Next talks and conference trips

Getting off the traditional conference circuit but making appearances everywhere and anywhere...email me with ideas

School of Information
1616 Guadalupe Suite #5.202
Austin, TX 78701-1213
adillon [at] ischool.utexas.edu

[email is always the best way to reach me]