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Refereed Journal Articles

  • Dillon, A. (2012) What it means to be an iSchool. Journal of Education in Library and Information Science, 53, 4, 267-27

  • Trace, C. and Dillon, A. (2012) The evolution of the finding aid in the United States: from physical to digital document genre. Archival Science, vol 12, 4, 501-519
  • Sengupta, A. and Dillon, A. (2006) Query by Templates: using the shape of information to search next-generation databases. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 49,2, 128-144. [pdf] Winner of the Rudolph Joenk Jr. Award from IEEE for Best Paper of the Year.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

  • Dillon, A. (2007) LIS Research: Problems and Prospects. Keynore address at Conceptions of Library and Information Science Conference (CoLIS 2007), Boras, Sweden, August, Information Research, Vol 12, 4, 2007 [pdf]

  • Dillon,A., Kleinman, L., Choi, G. and Bias, R. (2006) Visual search and reading tasks using ClearType and regular displays: two experiments. Proceedings of CHI 2006, New York: ACM Press, 503-511.[pdf]
  • Dillon, A., Kleinman, L., Bias, R., Choi, G., and Turnbull, D. (2004) Reading and Searching Electronic Documents: An experimental study of regular and enhanced screen displays. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 2004 Annual Conference, Medford NJ: Information Today, 267-273.
  • Belkin, N., Dillon, A. and Marchionini, G. (2003) User-centered Design: science or window dressing? Panel presentation at 2003 Annaul ASIST Coference, Long Beach, CA, November.
  • Gabbard, R. and Dillon, A. (2000) Measuring Student Acceptance and Satisfaction with On-Line Distance Education Class. Paper presented at the 6th Annual Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks, University of Maryland, October.
  • Borner, K., Dillon, A. and Dolinsky, M. (2000) LVis: visualization of artworks in virtual reality. Visualization 2000 Conference, London.
  • Vaughan, M. and Dillon, A. (2000) Learning the Shape of Information: a longitudinal study. Proceedings of the Association of Computing Digital Library Conference, Paper presented at the ACM DL00 Conference on Digital Libraries, ACM Press.
  • Dillon, A. and Gabbard, R. (1999) Prepare to be Shocked: hypermedia does not improve learning. Paper presented at the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) 1999, Milwaukee, August. (Winner of Best in Track.)
  • Dillon, A. and Morris, M. (1999) P3: modeling and measuring the human determinants of information systems usage. Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of HFES in Texas, Santa Monica, CA: HFES, September.
  • Chui, M. and Dillon, A. (1999) Speed and Accuracy Using Four Boolean Query Systems. In U. Priss (ed.) MAICS-99, 10th Midwest Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science Conference, Menlo Park, CA: AAAI Press, 36-42, April.
  • Dillon, A. and Morris, M. (1998) From "can they?" to "will they?": extending usability evaluation to address acceptance. AIS Conference Paper, Baltimore, MD, August.
  • Vaughan, M. and Dillon, A. (1998) The role of genre in shaping our understanding of digital documents. Proc. 61st Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science, Medford, NJ: Information Today Inc., 559-566.
  • Heffron, J., Dillon, A., and Mostafa, J. (1996) Landmarks in the World Wide Web: A preliminary study. Proceedings of the 59th Annual Conference of the American Society for Information Science, Baltimore, MD, October.
  • Mostafa, J. and Dillon, A. (1996) Design and Evaluation of a User Interface Supporting Multiple Image Query Models. Proceedings of the 59th Annual Conference of the American Society for Information Science, Baltimore, MD, 21-26, October.
  • Dillon, A. (1995) Artifacts as Theories: convergence through user-centered design. Proceeding of the 58th Annual ASIS Conference, Medford NJ: ASIS, 208-210.
  • Morris, M. and Dillon, A. (1995) The case for really useful human-computer interaction research. Proc. of Decision Science International '95, Boston: DSI, 694-696.
  • Dillon, A., Sweeney, M. and Maguire, M. (1993) A survey of usability evaluation practices and requirements in the European IT industry. In J. Alty, S. Guest and D. Diaper (eds.) HCI'93. People and Computers VII, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Maguire, M. and Dillon, A. (1993) Usability Measurement: its practical value to the computer industry. Proceedings of InterCHI'93, New York: ACM Press, 145-148, April.
  • McKnight, C., Dillon, A., Richardson, J., Haraldsson, H. and Spinks, R. (1992) Information Access in Different Media: an experimental comparison. In E.J. Lovesey (ed.) Contemporary Ergonomics 1992, London: Taylor and Francis, 515-519.
  • Dillon, A., Richardson, J. and McKnight, C. (1991) Institutionalising Human Factors in the design process: the ADONIS experience. Contemporary Ergonomics '91, London: Taylor and Francis, 421-426.
  • Fallon, E., Dillon, A., Sweeney, M. and Herring, V. (1991) An investigation of the concept of designer style and its implications for the design of Man-Machine Interfaces. In W. Karwowski and S. Yates (eds.) Advances in Industrial Ergonomics and Safety Research Vol.3. New York: Taylor and Francis, 412-418.
  • Dillon, A. (1990) Accessing information: a psychological analysis of researchers' perceptions of texts. In M. Feeney and K. Merry (eds.) Information Technology and the Research Process, London: Bowker-Saur, 104-113.
  • Dillon, A., Richardson, J. and McKnight, C. (1990) Navigation in Hypertext: a critical review of the concept. In D. Diaper, D. Gilmore, G. Cockton and B. Shackel (eds.) Human-Computer Interaction-INTERACT'90. North Holland: Amsterdam, 587-592.
  • Richardson, J., Dillon, A., and McKnight, C. (1989) The effect of window size on reading and manipulating electronic text. In E. Megaw (ed.) Contemporary Ergonomics 1989. London: Taylor and Francis, 474-479.
  • Dillon, A. and Sweeney, M. (1988) The application of cognitive psychology to CAD. In D. Jones and R. Winder (eds.) People and Computers IV, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 477-488.
  • Dillon, A., Sweeney, M., Herring, V., John, P. and Fallon, E. (1988) The psychology of designer style. The Alvey Conference 1988, DTI/IED Publications, 323-327.
  • Dillon, A. (1988) The role of usability labs in systems design. In E. Megaw (ed.) Contemporary Ergonomics 88, London: Taylor and Francis, 69-73.
  • Fallon, E.F. and Dillon, A.P. (1988) CAD as an enhancement of the ergonomist's role in the design process. In E. Megaw (ed.) Contemporary Ergonomics 88, London: Taylor and Francis, 457-462.
  • Dillon, A. (1987) A psychological view of "user-friendliness". In H. Bullinger and B.Shackel (eds.) Human-Computer Interaction-INTERACT '87, North Holland: Amsterdam, 157-163.
  • Dillon, A. (1987) Knowledge acquisition and conceptual models: a cognitive analysis of the interface. In D. Diaper and R. Winder (eds.) People and Computers III. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 371-379.
  • Sweeney, M.T. and Dillon, A.P. (1987) The application of psychological techniques to the evaluation of human computer interaction. In H. Bullinger and B. Shackel (eds.) Human-Computer Interaction- INTERACT '87, North Holland: Amsterdam, 367-373.

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Book Chapters

  • Dillon, A. (2017) Theory for design: the case of reading. In D. Sonnewald (ed) Theory Development in the Information Sciences, Austin: UT Press, 222-238.
  • Dillon, A. (2016) Applying science to design: the quest for a bridging representation. In: A. Black et al (eds) Information Design: Research and Practice Routledge: London, 291-302
  • Dillon, A. (2013) The emerging discipline of information, Foreword in D. Bawden and L. Robinson (2013) Introduction to Information Science, Chicago: Neal Schuman/ALA, xvii-xix.
  • Dillon, A. (2008) Accelerating Learning and Discovery. White paper commissioned by CLIR as part of a series of essays examining the future of academic research libraries. [pdf]
  • Dillon, A. (2006) Information Interactions: Bridging Disciplines in the Creation of New Technologies. In P. Zhang, and D. Galletta, (eds.) Human Computer Interaction and Management Information Systems: Foundations, AMIS Advances in Management Information Systems, New York: Sharpe.

  • Dillon, A. and Turnbull, D. (2006) Information Architecture, Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science, Marcel-Dekker. [pdf]

Professional Publications

  • Dillon, A. and Doty, P. (2112) Extending Information Studies to the Education of Open Source Information Analyst. Journal of Homeland Security Education, 1, 78-88

  • Dillon, A. and Rice-Lively, M, (2010) Facing the challenges of the new information ecology, AALL Spectrum, December 2010, 20-23.

  • Dillon, A. (2003) A Sound Education: audio and the next great leap in information studies.Proceedings from the Symposium on Sound Savings: Preserving Audio Collections, The Association of Research Libraries.
  • Dillon, A. (1995) What is the shape of information? SIGOIS Bulletin, Special Issue on Digital Libraries, 16(2), 32-35.
  • Dillon, A. (1991) New technology and the reading process.Computers in Libraries, 11(6), 23-26.
  • McKnight, C., Richardson, J. and Dillon, A. (1988) The construction of hypertext documents and databases. The Electronic Library, 6(5,) 338-342. Reprinted in Infomediary, 3(1), 33-39.

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Keynotes, Invited Lectures & Presentations

  • Dillon, A. (2018) Shaping a better information space: putting humans at the center of our world. 2018 C. W. Follett Lecture,. Dominican University
  • Dillon, A. (2010) Perspectives on the evidence, value and impact of LIS research: conceptual challenges. UK LIS Research Coalition Keynote address, British Library, London, June 2010.
  • Dillon, A., (2010) As we may have thought. Keynote address to the ACM Hypertext 2010 Conference, Toronto, June 2010.
  • Dillon, A. (2008) Human and Social Values in the Information Professions: It's Time to Remember the Future. Keynote address, 5th Annual International Conference on Knowledge Management, Columbus, Ohio, October 2008. [Flash]
  • Dillon, A. (2007) LIS Research: Problems and Prospects. Keynore address at Conceptions of Library and Information Science Conference (CoLIS 2007), Boras, Sweden, August, 2007. [pdf]
  • Dillon, A. (2005) Does IA have a Future? Keynote address, the 1st European Conference on Information Architecture, Brussels, Sept, 2005.
  • Dillon, A. (2005) Who's afraid of the Big IA? KeynoteAddress, ASIST Information Architecture Summit, March 2005, Montreal.
  • Dillon, A. (2004) The Future of Information Studies, Invited address, AMIGOS 2004, Puebla Mexico, February 13th.
  • Dillon, A. (2004) Beyond Usability. Keynote address at CUMREC 2004, Austin Texas, May 17th
  • Dillon, A. (2003) Information Architecture: An Umbrella Profession. Keynote address to the Society for Technical Communication Region 5 Annual Conference, October, Austin TX.
  • Dillon, A. (2003) Hypermedia and learning. Invited symposium, Virtual PhD Summer School, University of Tubingen, Sept, Tubingen.
  • Dillon, A. (2003) A sound education. opening address for the Sound Savings Symposium, HRC, Austin, TX July.
  • Dillon, A. (2003) Humanizing computers: designing for humans, not users. Inaugural lecture of the Humanities Informatics Initiative, Texas A&M University, College Station, Feb 25th.
  • Dillon, A. (2002) The trouble with learning: method and theory pass one another by!. Invited presentation to Instructional Software Development Center and School of Management and Information systems at the University of Missouri-Rolla. Sept, Rolla.
  • Dillon, A. (2002) Evaluation beyond Usability. Keynote address, Interaction 2002, Annual Conference of the HCI Society, Madrid, Spain, May.
  • Dillon, A. (2001)Beyond usability: process, outcome and affect in the design of interactive technology. The 2001 Lazerow Lecture, Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto, March.
  • Dillon, A. (2001) Interaction: what are we measuring. Invited lecture, SILS, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. March 2001.
  • Dillon, A. (2000) Evaluating the user experience of information space. Invited presentation to the Argus Center for Information Architecture Conference, La Jolla, October 25-27th.
  • Dillon, A. (2000) Information Architecture - What and Why? Invited presentation to the ASIS 2000 Mid Year Summit on Information Architecture, Boston, April.
  • Dillon, A. (2000) Human Factors in the design and testing of hypermedia interfaces. Invited tutorial at the ACM DL 2000 Conference on Digital Libraries, San Antonio TX, June.
  • Dillon, A. (2000) Education and the Web - Invited panelist at the AERA  Annual Conference, April, New Orleans.
  • Dillon, A. (2000) Design diaries as a pedagogical tool for HCI. Invited paper to the workshop on HCI instruction at the ACM SIGCHI 2000 Conference, The Hague, Netherlands, April.
  • Dillon, A. (2000) TIMEframe - a simple tool for the evaluation of web-based interfaces. Paper presented at AECT 2000, Annual  Conference of the Association for Education and Communications Technology, Long Beach CA, Feb 19th, 2000.
  • Dillon, A. (1999) Where are we going with digital documents? Designing Electronic Books Workshop paper at the ACM SIGCHI'99 Conference, Pittsburgh, May.
  • Dillon, A. (1998) Using Digital Information: the myths, the promises and the evidence. Invited presentation to Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence, Naval Research Labs, Washington DC.
  • Dillon, A. (1998) Understanding the socio-cognitive responses to information technology. Invited presentation to the Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University, Canada, June.
  • Dillon A. (1998) Shape the elusive property of discourse. Presentation at Society for Text and Discourse Annual Conference, 1998, Madison WI, June.
  • Sengupta, A. and Dillon, A. (1997) "Query by Templates: A generalized approach for visual query formulation for text dominated databases" paper presented at the Advanced Digital Libraries Forum in Washington, DC, May 7-9, 1997.
  • Dillon, A. (1997) Enhancement: a socio-cognitive analysis of human-computer interactions. Invited presentation to Faculty of LIS, University of Western Ontario, April 1997.
  • Howley, K. and Dillon, A. (1996) Technology for Living. Paper presented at Speech Communication Association Annual Convention, San Diego, Oct.
  • Dillon, A. (1996) Digital document usage: capturing the socio-cognitive process over short and long terms. Invited presentation to the 38th Annual Allerton Workshop on Information Science, Allerton Prk, University of Illinois, Oct. 1996
  • Dillon, A. (1995) HCI and the design of digital libraries. Invited presentation to the 37th Annual Allerton Workshop on Information Science, Allerton Prk, University of Illinois, Oct. 1995
  • Dillon, A. and Schaap, D. (1995) What is the shape of information? Hypermedia'95, 7th annual conference. Bloomington IN, Oct. 95.
  • Gabbard, R. and Dillon, A. (1995) How does hypermedia affect learning, Hypermedia'95, 7th annual conference. Bloomington IN, Oct. 95.
  • Sherwood, M., Dillon, A. and Schwen, T. (1994) Instructional and Informational Interventions and Field Usage Analysis. Paper presented at Hypermedia 94, Ball State University, October 13th 1994.
  • Dillon, A. (1993) Terrible tales of technology transfer or teaching engineers to do ergonomics is like teaching eggs to suck grannies! Oxyopia presentation, Dept. of Human Sciences, Loughborough, Feb.
  • Dillon, A. (1993) Putting Usability in Context: The MUSiC Context Guidelines Handbook Paper presented at the Joint BCS HCI Group/DTI Usability Forum "Tools for Usability Evaluation" March, 1993, London.
  • Dillon, A.(1993) Finding and Keeping Information -An invited discussion on the session. InterCHI '93.Amsterdam, April.
  • Dillon, A. (1993) Linearity or Non-linearity?- myths and misconceptions about reading and the electronic medium. Paper presented at EARLI'93 Aix-en-Province, August.
  • Dillon, A. (1993) Technology transfer and the trouble with tools. Invited talk on the Academic/Industrial Interface at HCI'93. Annual Conference of the BCS SIG on human Computer Interaction. Loughborough University. September.
  • McKnight, C. and Dillon, A (1993) User-centred design of library information systems. Paper presented at Forum de l'Information Informaticamarkt 1993, Brussels, Sept.
  • Dillon, A. (1992) To err is human, to forgive- design; Invited paper to 3rd Annual Conference on Human Error, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA, March.
  • Dillon, A. (1992) Human Factors and Reading Electronic Text. Paper presented at the 2nd Annual Conference of the Society for Text and Discourse, San Diego, California, June.
  • Dillon, A. (1991) Designing electronic text for end-users. Invited lecture to the Ministry of Research and Technology, Paris, February.
  • Dillon, A. (1990) Human Factors and Electronic Documents - the Cognitive Dynamics of Compatibility. Keynote lecture to Programming '90, the 15th Annual Summer School of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Drouzhba, May 1990.
  • Dillon, A. (1990) Human Factors issues in the design of electronic documentation. Invited lecture to the Berger-Levrault Conference on Industrial Publications, Pompidou Centre, Paris, November.
  • Dillon, A. (1989) Human Factors issues in the design of hypermedia interfaces. Invited lecture to the UNICOM Hypermedia/Hypertext and Object Oriented Databases Seminar. Brunel, Dec.
  • Kirakowski,J. and Dillon, A. (1987) The computer users' satisfaction inventory. Paper presented at the IEE Colloquium on Evaluation Methods for Interactive Systems Design. IEE Digest# 1987/83, London, Oct.
  • Dillon, A.P. (1985) Aid for the Casual User. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Psychological Society of Ireland, Ennis, November 1985.
  • Dillon. A.P. and Sweeney, M.T. (1985) Psychological Issues in Computer Use. Paper presented at the Psychological Society of Ireland Annual Student Congress, University College Cork. March 1985.

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JASIST Information Architecture (IA) Columns

Published Book Reviews (major ones only)

  • Dillon, A. (2002) A Review of C. Borgman From Gutenberg to the Global Information Infrastructure. Publishing Research Quarterly, 17(4), 59-60.
  • Dillon, A. (1998) A Review of Weckert and Adeney Computer and Information Ethics. Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 49(9), 861.
  • Dillon, A. (1998) A Review of Treglown et al Hibrowse for bibliographic databases: a study of the application of usability techniques in view-based searching. BL Research and Innovation Report #52. Journal of
    , 54(4), 505-508.
  • Dillon , A. (1998) A Review of John Carroll (ed.) Minimalism Beyond the Nurnberg Funnel. D-Lib Magazine -
    The Magazine of Digital Library Research:
  • Dillon, A. (1997) A Review of Carroll and Moran (eds.) Design Rationale. Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 48(8), 762-763.
  • Dillon, A. (1996) A Review of Emmet (ed.) Information Superhighways. Information Society, 12(3), 335-337.
  • Dillon, A. (1996) A Review of Levy and Ransdall (eds.) The Science of Writing. Information Society, 13(3), 293-295.
  • Dillon, A. (1995) A Review of S. Gray Hypertext and the Technology of Conversation: Orderly Situational Choice, Greenwood Press, Westport CT. LISR, 17(2), 188-189.
  • Dillon, A. (1995) A review of Byerley et al. Computers, Usability and Communications. Ergonomics, 32(4), 845-846.
  • Dillon, A. (1995) A review of Green et al (eds.) Gendered by Design. Ergonomics Abstracts, 27(6), 1254.
  • Dillon, A. (1994) A Review of B. Shneiderman (ed.) Sparks of Innovation in HCI. LISR, 16(3), 268-269.
  • Dillon, A. (1994) A Review of Oborne et al Person-Centred Ergonomics: A Brantonian View of Human Factors. Ergonomics, 37, 1439-1440.
  • Dillon, A. (1993) A Review of Marcel and Bisiach: Consciousness in Contemporary Science. The Psychologist,
    6(4), 162-163.
  • Dillon, A (1993) A review of A. Edwards and S. Holland Multimedia Interface Design in Education. Hypermedia,
    5(2), 158-160.
  • Dillon, A. (1991) A Review of Dyer, H. and Morris, H. Human Aspects of Library Automation. Ergonomics,
    34(1), 114-116.
  • Dillon, A. (1991) A review of Nielsen Hypertext and Hypermedia. Ergonomics, 34(9), 1243-1245
  • Dillon, A. (1990) A Review of Winograd and Flores Understanding Computers and Cognition. Hypermedia, 2(1), 71-74.
  • Dillon, A. (1990) A Review of Rivlin et al Screen Design Guidelines. Hypermedia, 2(2), 171-173.<

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  • Dillon, A. (2004) Working collaboratively - panel on interdisciplinary work in LIS, ALISE Conference, San Diego, January.
  • Zhang, P. and Dillon, A. (2003) HCI and MIS: shared concerns. Guest editors of special issue on HCI and MIS for the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 59(4).
  • Dillon, A. (2002) Guest editor of Special Issue on Information Architecture, Journal of the American Society of Information Science, 53(10).
  • Dillon, A. (2000, 2001, 2002) Test design and statistics for usability evaluation. Tutorial at the ACM SIGCHI Conference.
  • Dillon A. (1998) Shape the elusive property of discourse. Poster Presentation at Society for Text and Discourse Annual Conference, 1998, Madison WI, June.
  • Dillon, A. (1997) Guest Editor of Special Issue on HCI. Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 48(11).
  • Dillon, A. and Vaughan, M. (1997) Mental representations of complex information spaces. Poster presentation at HCI International, San Francisco.
  • Dillon, A. (1997) Ergonomic aspects of information generation, The Raven Chronicles.
  • Dillon, A., Allison, G., Maguire, M. and Waddell, N. (1992) Dialogue Design for Information Systems. Monograph commissioned by Ernst & Young Consultancy.
  • Dillon, A. (1994) Designing usable interfaces for hypermedia applications. Invited Course at the ACM European Conference on Hypermedia Technologies, Edinburgh, Sept 19th.

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In Press & Preparation