Libraries & Culture

Volume 35, No. 1 (Winter 2000)

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Library History Research in America:

Essays Commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Library History Round Table

Andrew B. Wertheimer and Donald G. Davis, Jr.

Critical Approach to Library History

American Library History Literature, 1947-1997: Theoretical Perspectives?
Wayne A. Wiegand

Pioneers of the Library History Round Table

Louis Shore and Library History
Lee Shiflett

The Library History Round Table's First Twenty-five Years: Reminiscences and Remarks on Recent Research
John David Marshall

New Directions for Library History

Library Feminism and Library Women's History: Activism and Scholarship, Equity and Culture
Suzanne Hildenbrand

International Dimensions of Library History: Leadership and Scholarship, 1978-1998
Mary Niles Maack

Toward a Multicultural American Public Library History
Cheryl Knott Malone

"They Got to Prove It On Me": Millennial Thoughts on Gay Archives, Gay Biography, and Gay Library History
James V. Carmichael, Jr.

TheHistory of Youth Services Librarianship: A Review of the Research Literature
Christine A. Jenkins

Library History and Cognate Fields

The Failure or Future of American Archival History: A Somewhat Unorthodox View
Richard J. Cox

Historical Bibliography and Library History
D. W. Krummel

The LHRT and the State of Library History Research

The Library Historian's Field of Dreams: A Profile of the First Nine Seminars
Edward A. Goedeken

Advancing the Scholarship of Library History: The Role of the Journal of Library History and Libraries & Culture
Jon David Aho and Donald G. Davis, Jr.

Clio's Workshop: Resources for Historical Studies in American Librarianship
John Mark Tucker

Fifty Years of Promoting Library History: A Chronology of the ALA (American) Library History Round Table, 1947-1997
Andrew B. Wertheimer and John David Marshall

The Historical Sensibility
Phyllis Dain

The Cover--The Cavagna Collection: A Case Study in Special Collections
Elizabeth R. Cardman


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